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sales strategist | equity investor | photographer

Hello there.

Sales and revenue strategist crunching e-commerce, sales and ticketing data for Broadway and live entertainment at Serino Coyne.

Internationally published cityscape photographer, small-cap biotech investor, budding mixologist & Banksy hunter.

If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.
— Jim Barksdale

Brian launched the Insights group at Serino Coyne - the nation's oldest full-service live entertainment advertising agency - in the spring of 2014 and was one of the industry’s first to marry granular sales data with marketing tactics to power regression models and drive future revenue strategies. He provides his clients ongoing recommendations supported by transactional data, current market trends and seasonal variables to dynamically price and control ticket inventory management. Just like hotels and airlines, knowing the changing supply & demand curve and price elasticity sells the right ticket to the right buyer at the right price. With perishable inventory, every dead seat is lost revenue.


Insights at SC works to recognize cross-departmental media efficiencies and the efficacies of advertising tactics across the sales cycle of a given show. Knowledge of buying patterns and consumer behavior allows for holistic sales management, revenue forecasting and yield modeling. Just like an investor charts market equities, close attention uninfluenced selling allows for a show to capitalize on lucrative opportunities or pivot and correct during slowdowns.

The work of the Insights group allows for a show to capitalize on lucrative opportunities or pivot and correct during slowdowns. In an industry where eighty percent of projects fail to recoup their initial investment, identifying incremental revenue opportunities early can be the difference between weekly profitability and not.

He has lectured for Columbia University's MFA program and the Commercial Theater Institute's 16 Week Program, Three-Day Intensive and marketing seminars.

Brian has worked in arts marketing and analytics since 2009 with sitdowns at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (widely known for the largest art heist in history, still unsolved), Boston Center for the Arts, and David Ian Productions (in London's West End). During that time he also performed contract work with Toyota, Microsoft, Skype, Crimson Hexagon.

Additional background:

  • Associate Director, Insights / Serino Coyne
  • Insights Strategist / Serino Coyne
  • Digital Insights Analyst / Serino Coyne
  • Interactive Marketing / Serino Coyne
  • Project Contractor / Crimson Hexagon
  • Marketing Assistant / David Ian Productions
  • Marketing & Communications Assistant / Boston University Marcom
  • Public Relations and Marketing / Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  • General Management & Production / SpeakEasy Stage Company

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